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Learn Big Data Hadoop with our certification course in Coimbatore. Hadoop is a powerful open-source platform for storing large amounts of data. At Refinement Software Solution , we offer top-notch training to help you master Hadoop and its tools.

large and diverse datasets that are huge in volume and also rapidly grow in size over time

Our course covers practical projects in social media, banking, insurance, and e-commerce using industry-based CloudLab Telecom. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, our online training is designed to make you proficient in the Hadoop environment.

After completing our program , you'll have the skills to excel in the field and work on real-world projects. We focus on the fundamentals of Hadoop and related technologies, providing you with the knowledge to kickstart your career in big data.

Start your journey in the world of big data with our certification course. Join us and climb the ladder of success in the exciting field of Hadoop.

Benefits of Hadoop Training And Courses

  • Gain knowledge of Hadoop architecture and its components, such as HDFS, MapReduce, Ooze, Hive, Pig, HBase, and Spark.

  • Capable of writing complex MapReduce programs and analyzing massive datasets.

  • Gaining knowledge of data ingestion techniques..

  • Ability to create and execute Hadoop clusters

  • Understanding of Hadoop data security and governance

  • Knowledge of using Hadoop for data analytics and machine learning

  • Knowledge of performance tuning and optimization

  • Understanding data warehousing concepts and their application in big data Hadoop

  • Capability of using Hadoop in real-time streaming and batch processing

  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases and their integration with big data Hadoop

Outline for Big Data Hadoop course

  • Introduction to Hadoop.

  • Introduction to Big Data.

  • Hadoop Architecture.

  • Introduction to Flume,SQOOP,Pig,SPARK,Oozie

  • HBase Data Model and Comparison between RDBMS and NOSQL.

  • Hive Services, Hive Shell, Hive Server and Hive Web Interface (HWI).

  • Map Reduce Programming – Java Programming .

  • Map Reduce Functional Programming Basics.

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) .

  • ACID in RDBMS and BASE in NoSQL.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Refinement Software Solutions as your IT training Institute?

Online course/learning to improve coding abilities through group projects led by expertise.

Study from remote locations

Our online course aims to improve coding abilities through group projects led by teachers and other participants.

A book that explains the concepts and reasoning behind coding languages.

Reason based learning

Gain comprehensive of a subject by understanding its WHAT, WHY, and HOW aspects, simplifying the subject matter for in-depth comprehension.

Interactive discussions, ask questions, and seek clarifications from our certified instructors.

Live & Interactive

Engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek clarifications from our certified instructors with extensive experience in the subject matter.

Mentored By Industry Experts Provide timely reviews and feedback on assignments and projects.

Mentored by industry experts

Experienced industry practitioners mentor with over ten years of experience. Provide timely reviews and feedback on assignments and projects.

Our Curriculum includes multiple levels of design and preparation designed by our certfied Experts.

Curriculum designed by experts

Our Course curriculum undergoes multiple levels of design and preparation by experts to ensure relevance to daily technological changes.

Our blended learning methods includes both best classroom training & online learning.

Blended learning model

Our learning methods offer the best classroom training and online learning. And our courses designed to meet individual needs and preferences.


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Actually, Learning Hadoop is simple. Java is optional for studying Hadoop. Hadoop is an open-source application program for distributed storage and processing of massive data collections on PC clusters created from commodity components.

We provide IT training classes in over 2 branches in Coimbatore, India, with experienced pro-level facilities.
  • Industry pro trainers

  • 100% job-oriented training

  • Certification Course

  • Weekdays, weekends, and online classes

Big Data is the collection of structured and unstructured data sets from many sources that are useful to make insights for the IT company. Hadoop services are helpful to manage and store. We designed a Big Data Hadoop course that covers all the necessary Big Data techniques. Join to learn about big data, scope, functioning, tools, and many more.

Yes, you will get Hadoop certification after completing your Big Data Hadoop course. We provide proper documentation and certificates after completing the course. These certifications will help you get your desired working position in an IT company.

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