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Android, a Linux-based operating system, powers over one billion smartphones and tablets. It has created outstanding careers in technology innovation and application development. Our Android training creates the best app developers with infinite learning and work opportunities.

Android is an Linux based operating system that powers more than one billion tablets and smartphones

Android is open source. Many mobile apps are developed using this technology. Freshers are preferred for this open-source technology, with opportunities on leading job portals. After completing Android app development training with us, you can build and list your application on the Google Play Store. Your work will show the creative side of you. We provide app development training from the beginner to the expert level.

Our online or classroom Android app development courses equip you with the skills to work as a freelance developer. Enroll in our course to get detailed knowledge of Android app development.

Benefits of Learning Android App Development

  • Boost your knowledge and skills: Our Android App Development certification course will help you get the knowledge to build high-quality Android applications. You'll learn about the latest tools, frameworks, and technologies. Our course enables you to create applications that meet the needs of your clients or employers.

  • Build a portfolio: Our course allows you to build a portfolio of projects demonstrating your skills and capabilities. Your portfolio can be used to showcase your work to potential employers or clients.

  • Network with other professionals: Completing an Android App Development course allows you to network with other professionals in the field. You can share ideas and learn from others, and building relationships can help your career.

  • Flexibility: Android app development courses are often available online. Weekday and weekend classes are available for learners to pursue a career in Android app Development.

Outline for this course

  • Introduction to Java and Android.

  • Introduction To Mobile Apps.

  • Android Architecture.

  • Deep Overview in Android Stack.

  • Installing Android Machine.

  • Creating Android Project.

  • Android Components.

  • Building UI with Activities.

  • Advanced UI.

  • Notifications.

  • Multithreading.

  • Styles And Themes.

  • Resources and Assets.

  • Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers.

  • Data Storage

  • SQL iteOpenHelper and creating a database.

  • Accessing built in content providers..

  • Implementing a Service.

  • Multimedia in Android.

  • Location Based Services and Google Maps.

  • Web Services and WebView.

  • Using Orientation and Accelerometer sensors.

  • Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity.

  • Telephony Services.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Refinement Software Solutions as your IT training Institute?

Online course/learning to improve coding abilities through group projects led by expertise.

Study from remote locations

Our online course aims to improve coding abilities through group projects led by teachers and other participants.

A book that explains the concepts and reasoning behind coding languages.

Reason based learning

Gain comprehensive of a subject by understanding its WHAT, WHY, and HOW aspects, simplifying the subject matter for in-depth comprehension.

Interactive discussions, ask questions, and seek clarifications from our certified instructors.

Live & Interactive

Engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek clarifications from our certified instructors with extensive experience in the subject matter.

Mentored By Industry Experts Provide timely reviews and feedback on assignments and projects.

Mentored by industry experts

Experienced industry practitioners mentor with over ten years of experience. Provide timely reviews and feedback on assignments and projects.

Our Curriculum includes multiple levels of design and preparation designed by our certfied Experts.

Curriculum designed by experts

Our Course curriculum undergoes multiple levels of design and preparation by experts to ensure relevance to daily technological changes.

Our blended learning methods includes both best classroom training & online learning.

Blended learning model

Our learning methods offer the best classroom training and online learning. And our courses designed to meet individual needs and preferences.


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Android OS is built on the popular Java programming language. To clarify, it is an important programming language for the majority of Android app developers.

Android development is not only a simple skill to master, but it is also in high demand. By taking the Android App Development Course, you give yourself the best opportunity to achieve any job goals you set for yourself.

Yes, we offer a course completion certificate in web design and development.

Android app development is a smart career choice due to its open-source OS and development tools, making app creation easy and cost-effective. With a growing job market in India, companies are increasingly using Android technology, making competition less intense. Individuals can create their own apps, upload them to the Play Store, and earn money.

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