Red Hat Linux Certification Training Course in Coimbatore

Red Hat is a leading certification course for IT professionals who configure networks, services, and security on servers running a Red Hat operating system. The redhat field is popular among MNCs. It is the future of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. It is easy to find relevant job opportunities on the market.

A widely used commercial open-source Linux distribution created by Red Hat

Refinement Software Solutions is a top training institute in Coimbatore. , known for its RHCVA training programs. Our courses teach students how to manage local storage, control services, virtual machines, systems, and processes. The Linux RHCVA course covers basic concepts and skills for proper configuration. We offer advanced training programs. , equipped labs, and industry experts.

Our course in Coimbatore is regarded for its understanding, functional skills, and knowledge required for managing and administering the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Our online Red Hat courses and certifications provide learners with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills on many industry-relevant topics. We offer weekday and weekend courses for professionals and freshmen.

Benefits of the Red Hat Course

  • Obtaining a Red Hat certification. can greatly improve the skills of IT employees and open doors for career advancement. The certification exams are practical, performance-based tests designed for individuals working with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system in their IT environments

  • Red Hat training enhances skills in various domains and fills skill gaps. It provides a high return on investment for professionals and enterprises. It also enables the automation of Linux tasks and integration with emerging technologies.

  • You can understand OpenShift architecture, application deployment, networking configuration, and persistent storage. You can also gain knowledge on command-line interfaces, S2I technology, project management, troubleshooting, and API usage.

  • Red Hat training indicates that businesses must hire professionals with relevant skills and experience to use open-source technologies.

  • OpenStack is a versatile cloud operating system with scalability, simplicity, and benefits for organizations. It is useful in modernizing infrastructure, increasing efficiency, and providing innovative storage solutions.


Red Hat provides the best future with its open-source features and RHCSA, the first entry-level certification for Linux administration.

In this course, you will gain knowledge on how to install and configure the Linux operating system, along with a set of commands. After completing the course, You will be a pro at managing system administration duties in an organization. With Red Hat RHCSA certification, you can get a head start in your career. You can work in healthcare businesses, airlines, and commercial banks.

RHCE (Ansible Automation)

Refinement Software Solutions provides the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) course. It is a popular choice for candidates seeking to configure networking services and security on Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.

We offer Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Course coaching in Coimbatore, providing the best RHCE training at a minimal fee. Our course caters to global organizations seeking Red Hat-certified individuals. Our course certification will transform your career, especially if you desire a career in Linux servers.

Our Red Hat Certification program offers advanced tools for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Red Hat servers. We are experts in Red Hat, the top choice for pursuing certification. Red Hat offers various certification career paths, including Linux System Administration, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Ansible, and Kubernetes. Our expert trainers provide hands-on practical sessions with customizable course modules and durations.

Benefits of learning RHCE Course

  • In-depth coverage of Linux system administration tasks.

  • Mastery of essential skills for configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

  • Practical experience with Ansible for automation of routine tasks.

  • Learning to create efficient and scalable automation solutions using Ansible playbooks.

  • Emphasis on system security practices and policies.

  • Understanding and implementing Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) for enhanced security measures.

  • Techniques for tuning system performance to meet specific requirements.

  • Optimisation strategies for improving overall system efficiency.

Open Shift

Open Shift is a Kubernetes-based, automated platform for managing hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Open Shift Red Hat aims to increase developer productivity and innovation.OpenShift is a Red Hat as a Service (PaaS) software development framework known for its OpenShift Container Platform. It allows developers to create cloud-enabled services and deploy applications to the cloud infrastructure. Refinement Software Solution offers industry-oriented open-shift training courses, covering key concepts and providing real-time project assistance. Enroll today to make the most of OpenShift's online training.

Red Hat OpenShift training in Coimbatore by Refinement Software Solutions offers the best platform to upskill and learn from the best minds in the industry. We are the top Red Hat OpenShift training institutes in Coimbatore, with the best OpenShift courses. Our training services aim to bridge the knowledge gap and create a skilled workforce for modern competitiveness. Our training improves productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention, making it an ideal partner for professionals.

Benefits of learning OpenShit Course

  • Knowledge on the OpenShift architecture and components

  • Knowledge on how to deploy and manage applications on OpenShift.

  • Understanding of networking configuration, management and OpenShift web console

  • Skill of how to set up and maintain persistent storage

  • Understanding of how to deploy and manage programs using source-to-image (S2I) technology

  • Knowing of how to build and manage projects, users, and roles

  • Implementation troubleshooting and debugging skills

  • Knowing of the OpenShift API and webhooks

  • Understanding of the OpenShift command line interface (CLI).

Open Stack

OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of computing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center, all managed and provisioned through APIs with common authentication mechanisms. It simplifies computing virtual resources, allowing students to handle various cloud platform activities. It aims to promote flexible, automated resource provisioning and orchestration devices. OpenStack is attractive for end-users and system vendors transitioning to a service model. Refinement Software Pvt Ltd in Coimbatore offers online and classroom classes for open stack.

We cover various Open Stack services and how to install, configure, use, and maintain Open Stack cloud infrastructure. We offer both online and in-person classes where we talk about different services in this computing environment and show how to set up, adjust, use, and take care of it..

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I - CL110

  • Introduce launching an instance.

  • Manage projects, users, roles, and quotas.

  • Describe cloud computing.

  • Administer Linux networks and bridges.

  • Prepare to deploy an instance with public access.

  • Deploy an instance.

  • Manage object storage.

  • Prepare to deploy an external instance.

  • Deploy an instance with public access.

  • Customize instances.

  • Deploy a stack and configure autoscaling.

  • Install an OpenStack overcloud.

  • Manage block storage.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II - CL210

Outline for this course

  • Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack Platform architecture.

  • Describe the OpenStack control plane.

  • Integrate identity management.

  • Perform image operations.

  • Manage storage.

  • Manage OpenStack networking.

  • Manage compute resources.

  • Automate cloud applications.

  • Troubleshoot OpenStack operations.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration III - CL310

Outline for this course

  • Manage networks in Linux.

  • Manage OpenStack networking agents.

  • Deploy IPv6 networks.

  • Provision OpenStack networks.

  • Implement distributed virtual routing.

  • Tune NFV performance.

  • Implement NFV data paths.

  • Build software-defined networks with OpenDaylight.

Learning Subscription

Learning Subscription

Learning Subscription

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We offer Red Hat courses, which are considered beneficial for the IT sector. Attending and learning the course from a good institute, such as Refinement Software Solutions, will help the candidates learn and implement it. Our course imparts knowledge on enterprise administration skills, shell scripting, and understanding and troubleshooting related problems.
The RHCE Linux Course Certification in Coimbatore is a valuable option for IT professionals seeking a good job and salary increase in an esteemed organization. Our course suits those with engineering and programming backgrounds, offering an edge over others and enhancing their portfolio.

We offer the RHCE Certification Course in Coimbatore, a sought-after IT certification. Our course prepares candidates for job placements in esteemed organizations and a hefty package. The RHCE Linux Course is highly sought-after among IT professionals, allowing candidates to learn and apply their Linux system administration and automation skills.

Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes framework-based deployment tool for developing and implementing hosts, including online apps, client servers, and public sector databases, for developer interfaces and software security..

  • Graduates who are interested in Red Hat OpenShift

  • Developers and Data managers

  • System administrators

  • Architects

Professionals who want their expertise to be upgraded with advanced technology

Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes framework-based deployment tool for No, we assist in preparing for interviews and resumes. We update job requirements from various companies seeking trained professionals due to the high demand for DevOps professionals.

Red Hat certification training is beneficial for various job roles, such as system administrators, IT professionals,

  • DevOps Engineers,

  • Cloud Administrators,

  • Technical Support Engineers,

  • Business Development Managers,

  • Customer Service Specialists,

  • professionals seeking various career paths

  • those clearing relevant Red Hat certification exams

  • Software Engineers,

  • Infrastructure Specialists,

  • Application Architects,

  • Linux Administrators,

  • Account Managers,

  • Solution Architects,

  • aspiring Red Hat professionals,

We offer Red Hat Certification Courses with many career paths, expert trainers, accredited course material, hands-on practical sessions, customizable training options, and Red Hat practice test questions. The courses are scheduled on weekdays and weekends and are online with customizable modules and durations.

Red Hat certifications are highly valued in industries like cloud computing, DevOps, Ansible, system administration, Kubernetes, and virtualization, with 90% of Fortune 500 companies using open-source solutions. Certification ensures career growth and stays ahead of the tech landscape.

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